Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Special Issue on the Occasion of Banaschewski's 90th Birthday (II) - Serial Number 1, Summer and Autumn 2017 
4. Tangled Closure Algebras

Pages 9-31

Robert Goldblatt; Ian Hodkinson

5. Some Types of Filters in Equality Algebras

Pages 33-55

Rajabali Borzooei; Fateme Zebardast; Mona Aaly Kologani

7. Adjoint relations for the category of local dcpos

Pages 89-105

Bin Zhao; Jing Lu; Kaiyun Wang

8. Filters of Coz(X)

Pages 107-123

Papiya Bhattacharjee; Kevin M. Drees

9. Perfect secure domination in graphs

Pages 125-140

S.V. Divya Rashmi; Subramanian Arumugam; Kiran R. Bhutani; Peter Gartland

10. $\mathcal{R}L$- valued $f$-ring homomorphisms and lattice-valued maps

Pages 141-163

Abolghasem Karimi Feizabadi; Ali Akbar Estaji; Batool Emamverdi