On zero divisor graph of unique product monoid rings over Noetherian reversible ring

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran, P.O. Box: 316-3619995161.


 Let $R$ be an associative ring with identity and $Z^*(R)$ be its set of non-zero zero divisors.  The zero-divisor graph of $R$, denoted by $\Gamma(R)$, is the graph whose vertices are the non-zero  zero-divisors of  $R$, and two distinct vertices $r$ and $s$ are adjacent if and only if $rs=0$ or $sr=0$.  In this paper, we bring some results about undirected zero-divisor graph of a monoid ring over reversible right (or left) Noetherian ring $R$. We essentially classify the diameter-structure of this graph and show that $0\leq \mbox{diam}(\Gamma(R))\leq \mbox{diam}(\Gamma(R[M]))\leq 3$. Moreover, we give a characterization for the possible diam$(\Gamma(R))$ and diam$(\Gamma(R[M]))$, when $R$ is a reversible Noetherian ring and $M$ is a u.p.-monoid. Also, we study relations between the girth of $\Gamma(R)$ and that of $\Gamma(R[M])$.


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