$\omega$-Operads of coendomorphisms and fractal $\omega$-operads for higher structures

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.


     In this article we introduce the notion of \textit{Fractal $\omega$-operad} emerging from  a natural $\omega$-operad associated to any coglobular object in the category of higher operads in Batanin's sense, which in fact is a coendomorphism $\omega$-operads. We have in mind coglobular object of higher operads which algebras are kind of higher transformations. It follows that this natural $\omega$-operad acts on the globular object associated to these higher transformations. To construct the natural $\omega$-operad we introduce some general technology and give meaning to saying an $\omega$-operad possesses the \textit{fractal property}. If an $\omega$-operad $B^{0}_{P}$ has this property then one can define a globular object of all higher $B^{0}_{P}$-transformations and show that the globular object has a $B^{0}_{P}$-algebra structure.


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