Preface for Vol. 6, No.1


Professor Bernhard Banaschewski was born in Munich on 22nd March 1926. He studied at the University of Hamburg until 1953,  receiving his doctorate in Mathematics under Ernst Witt. The political situation in Hitler era made him to move to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 1955. There he made rapid progress and was awarded the prestigious McKay Professorship of Mathematics in 1964. He retired as Emeritus McKay Professor in 1991 and is still based at McMaster. He is, since 1962, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He started his regular visits and connection with the University of Cape Town since 1975, and in 2000, he was granted the honorary doctorate by the University of Cape Town. Some of his more than 200 papers are in topology, theory of
order, pointfree topology, category theory, algebra and its application in mathematical logic.
Any institution citing Professor Bernhard Banaschewski for his scholarly work, for his contributions to mathematics, and for his in
uence on generations of its students will bring honour onto itself. It is an honour for CGASA and its Editorial Board dedicating a Volume, in two Numbers, to him. We should also mention that, his 17 Iranian academic children, grand children, and grand grand ones are: M.Mehdi Ebrahimi, Mojgan Mahmoudi, Mojgan Vojdani, Homeira Pajoohesh, Abolghasem Karimi, Gholamreza Moghaddasi, Leila Shahbaz, Hasan Barzegar, Behnam Khosravi, Hamid Rasouli, Bahman Khosravi, Mahdieh Haddadi, Halimeh Moghbeli,
Mahdieh Yavari, Khadijeh Keshvardoost, Amir Homayoon Nejah, and Sara Sepahani; and some others following his works.
Finally, we would also like to thank the University of Cape Town, specially Professor Christopher Gilmour, who organized An Interview with Banaschewski, and very much helped us to have this volume dedicated to Bernhard. And to the Pennsylvania State University, specially Professor Papiya Bhattacharjee.

M.Mehdi Ebrahimi